The official registration of products for the TOP DESIGN award 2009 competition has begun!

We would like to encourage you to take part in the TOP DESIGN award 2009 competition!

The competition and the parallel TOP DESIGN exhibition are the pillars of arena DESIGN 2009, its first edition ever scheduled to be held in Poznań on 3 - 6 June 2009.

Your participation in the TOP DESIGN award 2009 competition and the TOP DESIGN exhibition is not only about prestige and confirmed design quality of your products: it also means invaluable promotion benefits.

The concept of the TOP DESIGN was developed to closely reflect global trends in contemporary industrial design. Prior to the announcement of both the competition and the exhibition, a thorough market research was made. The quality and content of the competition and the exhibition will be monitored by a team of experts and an independent jury of prominent design experts.

In 2009, products can be entered in the competition into one of the following theme groups:

1. furniture - home textiles - the kitchen - home appliances - lighting - interior architecture
2. the office - the company - lighting - communication
3. the bathroom - wellness
4. building architecture
5. public space design
6. transportation - special-purpose vehicles - leisure and vacation

In the first stage of the competition, the judges will evaluate all the products which have successfully passed the application stage. The products qualified for the second stage of the competition will be awarded with the prestigious "TOP DESIGN award 2009" mark. These products will also be entered into the special TOP DESIGN exhibition by default. In the second stage of the competition, the jury will select winners among each of the six groups of products qualified to participate in the exhibition. The winners of the second stage will receive certificates and the "TOP DESIGN award 2009" statuette for perfect design. The award ceremony will be held on the first day of the event, i.e. on 3 June 2009, attended by media, top figures from the world of business, politics and culture, as well as designers and architects.

We will only accept participant applications for the TOP DESIGN exhibition and the "TOP DESIGN award 2009" competition from product manufacturers and designers with mass-produced items which have been on the market for no longer than two years to date or are to be introduced into production in 2009.

The product application deadline for the first stage of the "TOP DESIGN award 2009" competition is 27 March 2009.

We hope that the TOP DESIGN competition and exhibition alike will prove to be an event of special interest to those designers and manufacturers who appreciate the role of design as integral to business, crucial to product appeal, and essential in securing market advantage.

We will be happy to provide additional information. Please contact our arena DESIGN 2009 Project Team with any further questions.