Competition for SWARZĘDZ promotional emblem

"Swarzędz" statuette and emblem for the best furniture

godło SWARZĘDZ_www.jpgDuring moodFORM trade show in Poznań, results of the 1st edition of the competition for the SWARZĘDZ promotional emblem, organised by Anna Tomicka, Mayor of Swarzędz, will be announced. Taking part in the competition are furniture producing companies operating in the Swarzędz municipality. This is the latest form of support for Swarzędz manufacturers, famous for their excellent furniture all over Poland and abroad. The winners will receive from the city an emblem attesting to top quality of furniture they produce.

Winners will be presented with glamorous statuettes along with a comprehensive study of the SWARZĘDZ emblem, the "emblem book", including rules and principles of its usage. Wide-ranging applications of the emblem have been elaborated. Versatile forms of furniture designation have been provided for, from stickers and brass plates to emblems burnt in wood or embossed on leather. Designation elements for points of sale of emblem users have been designed, such as flags or signboards, along with examples of leaflets and press advertisements.

Furniture pieces entered to the competition will be evaluated in two groups, as series products and unique, handicraft items. The competition is open for different types of furniture, carpenter furniture and upholstered furniture, both classic and modern. When selecting the best furniture, their design, quality of performance and materials used and functionality as well as innovative solutions are all taken into account. The high-profile of the competition is emphasised by the fact that the Jury includes experts on design, furniture making and marketing, researchers from Poznań-based universities: University of Life Sciences, University of Economics and Academy of Fine Arts.

The emblem of Swarzędz furniture presents a tree, half of it in its natural silhouette, and the other half formed. It symbolizes the essence of furniture making: wood processing and developing items for daily use. The shape of the tree also recalls nature and ecology. The name Swarzędz, forming a stable basis of the logotype, reminds that Swarzędz means the roots of the Polish furniture making, as it was in Swarzędz that a strong furniture handicraft has developed, the first in pre-war Poland mechanised furniture factory owned by Antoni Tabaka was established along with popular Swarzędz Furniture Factories (Swarzędzkie Fabryki Mebli). Green, the colour of hope, was selected for the logotype.

Town and Municipality Office in Swarzędz is the competition organiser. We invite all those interested in furniture from Swarzędz, enjoying great esteem as we know, to visit the exposition of furniture nominated to the promotional emblem at moodFORM Design Fair on 27-30 May 2010 in Pavilion 7. Apart from furniture pieces nominated to 2010 Furniture of the Year title, you will have a chance to see the latest achievements of the 3D imaging technology used in the promotion of Swarzędz furniture. On the first trade fair day, i.e. on 27 May at 12:00 noon at stand no. 11 in Pavilion 7, the results of the Competition for the SWARZĘDZ furniture emblem will be announced.