products nominated for the second stage of TOP DESIGN award 2010


The session of the Jury of the first stage of the TOP DESIGN award competition was held on 22 April. It is already the second edition of the contest addressed to manufacturers and designers who are aware of the importance of design as an element closely integrated with business.

The selection of products nominated for the second stage of the competition was performed by a six-member Jury headed by Paweł Balcerzak, Vice President of the Association of Industrial Designers. Other members of the Jury were: Marek Adamczewski/ designer, Marad Design; Janusz Kaniewski/ designer, Kaniewski Haute Design; Maria Kmita/ managing editor, PR, Office Designer (published by Adler Media Group  Sp. z o.o.); Hans-Georg Piorek/ Dipl. Designer VDID, Industrieformen PIOREK, grupa inspira and Ms. Anna Chwalińska/ Elle Decoration (as a stand-in for Małgorzata Szczepańska, editor-in-chief).

The aim of TOP DESIGN award 2010 is to promote excellent design conforming to European standards. According to the organizers' assumptions, the TOP DESIGN award 2010 mark is a proof of high design quality of product which best reflects the standards of contemporary industrial design in terms of visual qualities, innovation, functionality and workmanship.

Bearing in mind these assumptions, after many hours of deliberation, the Jury nominated for the second stage of the competition a total of 33 products in the following categories: home space, office space, bathroom-wellness, lighting, industry and medicine, and furniture/interior design accessories. Products selected by the Jury included:

2700.SP CLARRIS vacuum cleaner (ZELMER)

17Z020 cordless electric kettle (ZELMER)

NERRO line: 13Z1 coffee machine, 491 hand blender, 432 kettle (ZELMER)


FOLD collection of chest of drawers (WOWWOOD)

Pixel chest of drawers (PROFAP)

MEEE furniture collection  (VOX)


POOK POOK furniture collection (VOX)

SU chair (NOTI)

ARCA 21SL office chair (PROFIm )

FORMAT 10SL chair (PROFIm)

FAN 10H chair (PROFIm )

Erato free-standing cast marble wash basin (MARMORIN Sp.z.o.o)

Onda cast marble wash basin (MARMORIN Sp.z.o.o)

Interferencja wash basin (Grupa Projektowa ETTE)

Elipsa tap set (DEANTE ANTCZAK SP. j.)

Industrio shower panel (DEANTE ANTCZAK SP. j.)

ONDUS electronic tap set (GROHE POLSKA Sp. z o.o.)

RAINSHOWER ICON shower unit  (GROHE POLSKA Sp. z o.o.)

Axor wash basin (Hansgrohe)

Axor single handed wash basin tap for free-standing basins (Hansgrohe)



Delight Click 'N' Charge sex toy (FUN FACTORY GmbH)

10x10 with 560 crystals decorative tile (TEKNA)

Shimo Ash furniture decoration  (Impress Decor Polska Sp. z o.o.)

SORT panel structures (Extend Vision)

Xysta decorative paper (Impress Decor Polska Sp. z o.o.)

Tattoo 40427 decorative element (INTERPRINT POLSKA Sp. z o.o.)

Zebrafloor 40393 decorative element (INTERPRINT POLSKA Sp. z o.o.)

Lamezia 035034/011/002 decorative element (INTERPRINT POLSKA Sp. z o.o.)

GIANT WOOD digital pattern (SCHATTDECOR)

All the nominated products will be displayed at a special exhibition accompanying arena DESIGN. Winners of the competition will also be announced at arena DESIGN, on 27 May.