Background(s) for the Kvadrat brand

Maria Jeglińska, who will once again be responsible for the design of the arena DESIGN jubilee edition, told us about cooperation with Kvadrat and Costance Rubini.

Background(s)" project was commissioned by Kvadrat and Constance Rubini for the third edition of Kvadrat design projects. In an open brief, 19 designers were asked to interpret Kvadrat's staple fabric Canvas designed by Giulio Ridolfo. The project was shown for the first time last week at Somerset House during the London Design Festival.

- It is a series of large and small panels hung from the ceiling and connected to each other to form a continuous 10m long surface. Neither object nor architecture but an extension of both, Background(s) is a spatial device that frames situations. It can contain,  divide or be rearranged, and exposes everyday events through colour, surface and tactility - said Maria Jeglińska.