BLUBB premiere!

The latest design by Constantin Wortmann created for the brand NEXT has been unveiled at VIVA light exhibition. BLUBB collection made of hand-blown glass is shown for the first time. Lamps were created in the Polish glassworks.

- The idea of a lamp of this shape came about ten years ago. In the original version they were made of plastic. Now, in cooperation with the polish glassworks, we created a model in three versions: clear, green and black - said Constantin Wortmann during a meeting with journalists.

In addition to projects Constantin Wortmann at this year's exhibition, you can see the lights companies Barrisol, Emandes, Eugenius, Karboxx, Martin Eden, Puraluce, Quasar, Room Service, secto design, Slamp and Vibia. A major emphasis of the exhibition is also a gold Aria projected by Zaha Hadid.