Paweł Grobelny's urban furniture for the La Defense district was awarded the prestigious prize in France

La Defense is an important point on the Paris map and one of the world's most famous business districts. This is the financial heart of France, here is the headquarters of the largest corporations in the world and the largest French companies. It was for this district a year ago that urban furniture was designed by Polish designer Paweł Grobelny. This year they have received a prestigious award for public space projects

The "Les Defis Urbaines" award is given by the Urban Design Forum of Paris each year in a number of urban development categories, with the aim of identifying projects that enhance the quality of life of French citizens and sustainable development. The most important award criteria are innovation, accessibility, ergonomics, sustainability and comfort.

In this year's edition of the competition was awarded the project of city platforms realized for the district of La Defense in Paris by Paweł Grobelny as part of the program "Forme Publique 2016". Furniture has also passed a yearly public use test so that they will stay in the La Defense district permanently. A positive user rating was necessary to validate a project for permanent operation in a public space.

Pawel Grobelny's city platforms have become an integral part of La Defense. All furniture and fixtures were equipped with chargers for phones, tablets and computers to provoke the outdoors. The furniture has been designed according to the latest trends in public spaces, which are designed to encourage outdoor, work, relax and meet just outside buildings.

This is not the first public space project of Pawel Grobelny abroad. In 2012, Grobelny made an outdoor cinema project for the Center for Contemporary Art BKSM Strombeek in Belgium, and in 2014 became the winner of the international competition for public space for the French city of Mont-de-Marsan. Other projects by Pawel Grobelny include in the Albertine garden surrounding the Royal Library in Brussels, in the Zhongshan Garden in Shanghai and in the garden of the Polish Sculpture Center in Orońsk. The project for La Defense is by far the largest implementation of a Polish designer in the public space.