Senses on arena DESIGN 2017

The main theme of the ninth edition of the arena DESIGN will be "SENSES". Why? Because design encourages us to use imagination and it influences on all our senses.

So far, lectures, panels and discussions during arena DESIGN focused on materials, process design and ergonomic in design. The main theme of the ninth edition of the event will be the senses. It is difficult not to see a strong relationship between design and the impressions it makes that reach the recipient and efect the our choices.

Designing triggers imagination, uses knowledge and talents and when combined with the ability to listen to other people’s dreams and needs, it influences all our senses. Becoming sensitive to sensual reality is the basis for designing in a good and valuable way. Sensory stimuli influence upon  hearing, sight, smell. Taste and touch, however, are a source of extrinsic motivation. The senses altogether create a sort of a bond between the product and the customer and thanks to them we discover the multi-dimensional sensitivity which helps us to interpret the surrounding world better.

The event will take place on 14-17 March 2017.