Products meeting requirements of the modern design will be ranked by the Jury, using the 0-5 scoring system, as per the three lists of criteria suited to individual theme groups, as follows:

  • household space
  • kitchen
  • bathroom and wellness
  • office
  • public space and gardens
  • lighting
  • media and electronic equipment
  • automotive equipment and public transport
  • science and medicine
  • industry and crafts
  • leisure and sports


Stage I

2.1.1. level of innovativeness

2.1.2. quality of design

2.1.3. functionality

2.1.4. choice of material

2.1.5. safety


Stage II - additional criteria

2.1.6. ergonomics 2.1.7. quality of workmanship

2.1.8. simple and intuitive handling

2.1.9. positive influence on the environment – sustainable design

2.2. interior furnishings

Stage I and Stage II

2.2.1. level of innovativeness

2.2.2. quality of design

2.2.3. functionality

2.2.4. choice of material


2.3. fashion and accessories

Stage I and Stage II

2.3.1. innovativeness and creativity

2.3.2. quality of design

2.3.3. choice of material

2.3.4. technique and perfect workmanship

A score of at least 50 per cent of the maximum score is needed for a product to qualify for Competition Stage II.