VIVA light 2018 - In between contrasts

Between black and white, light and darkness, arts and design, a picture and an object, delicacy and strength, convention and provocation, distance and involvement; multiple contrasts are the leading motive of this year’s VIVA light. Its exposition is where design is paired with art, black-and-white photographs taken by Szymon Brodziak, an artist who violates conventions, are paired with extravagant and full of colors and allegories projects by the Job Studio. Designed on a square and maintained in black and white colors, the exposition is a pure background to the presentations of artists and designers. A gallery-like styling is emphasized by posters and photographs hung on the walls, which will complement appropriately selected collections of lamps.

Large-size illuminated layers featured with photographs by Brodziak will constitute the central point of the exhibition. The photographs are being taken thanks to cooperation with Normalu Barrisol, under the patronization of VIVA light.

Szymon Brodziak is a world-renown photographer from Poznan. He is the first Pole and the youngest artist whose works have been exhibited in the Museum of Photography – Helmut Newton’s Foundation in Berlin. His photographs have been presented with many exclusive awards at home and abroad, including Prix de la Photographie Paris 2016 and Fashion TV Photographers Awards 2013. He is an economist by education, but his passion is photography. For a few years he has been consistently developing a network of original photography galleries – the Brodziak Gallery, which are located in glass containers in Poznan and Warsaw. His motto says: “You are what you see”. He creates provocative pictures full of drama, which you cannot stay indifferent to.

The brand Barrisol was established in 1975 and still continues to focus on innovation thanks to, among other things, its openness onto such projects. The project is purely experimental. These will be the first photographs of the artist printed in the technique of single and double-layer illuminations, as well as on an acoustic panel.

Another attraction of the exhibition will be the latest productions by the Job Studio designed for Slamp, whose authors geared the historic masterpiece form of a lamp dating back to the 1990s with their poetic iconic semantics.

The Job Studio is a designer duo composed of Job Smeets and Nynke Tynagel. They can be described as pioneers of the contemporary culture who are transforming the common understanding of arts and design. They move within Renaissance, however define their style as "New Gothic". The items they have designed write new stories, which are breaking stereotypes. The designers create works of art based on classical, popular and contemporary design and visual arts. Their designs aim at something new, yet try to ensure that their ideas can be absorbed regardless of geographical boundaries. In their work, the designers focus on delivering unique and before-unseen products that combine arts with design and redefine the area between the two worlds. Job Smeets will be a guest of DESIGN arena and together with Luca Mazza, the artistic director of Slamp, will talk about the design process.

The exhibition will feature lighting by, amongst others, Slamp, Emandes, Melogranoblu, Quasar, Ligne Roset, Lumini, Secto Design, Nyta, Barrisol, Original BTC, and such brands as Fontini, Tal and Lithoss. The exhibition is partnered by Hurst & Lech by Barrisol, Jung, Freifrau, Janua.